Making Washable Dog Beds

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Cardboard box
Heavy-duty tape
Box cutter
Poly fill
Old sheet
Sewing machine

Washable dog beds are an excellent idea. Your dog’s bed is bound to get dirty with the time it frequently spends outdoors. It may also acquire an unpleasant or funny smell. Rather than discard the bed, you want to be able to wash the bed as needed. The key to a washable bed is to use washable material to stuff the bed. This allows you to launder the bed as need arises.

Step 1 – Take Measurements

Determine the measurements for your dog bed. This can be done while your dog is asleep. It allows you to measure the length of the dog. You also need to note down the width that your dog occupies while asleep. It is a good idea to observe how your dog sleeps for a couple of days so that you’re certain of your measurements. This allows you to make a comfortable bed that suits your pet. Allow at least 4 extra inches for the length and width to ensure adequate space as well as to allow for the seams.

Step 2 – Prepare the Frame

Obtain a cardboard box with an area that can accommodate your dog. Measure a height of 6 inches from the bottom of the box. Draw a cut line all around the box at the 6 inch point. If you have a larger dog, you’ll need to mark a 1-foot height from the bottom. Cut along the cut line with your box cutter. Run some tape along the seam at the bottom of the box to reinforce the box. Discard the top portion of the box.

Step 3 – Stitch the Cover

Cut out the size of sheet you require for the mattress. It is easier to fold the sheet into half first. You can then cut out the required size so that you end up with 2 open sides and the top portion to be sealed. Use your sewing machine to stitch along the 2 parallel open sides. Stitch half of the top side as well. Leave the other half open to allow you to stuff the inside.

Step 4 – Stuff the Cover

Fill the cover with poly fill. Use whatever amount you feel is required to make a puffy base. Once you have the desired outcome, stitch the opening on your machine.

Step 5 – Lay the Mattress

Place your newly created dog mattress in the box. Fluff the mattress so that it occupies all the area inside the box. Obtain an old blanket that can be spread over the entire bed. Drape the blanket over the mattress and box for a neat appearance.

Step 6 – To Wash Your Dog Bed

Poly fill beddings can be washed and dried without any problems. Simply put the mattress and blanket in a washing machine and launder as normal. It is a good idea to use disinfectant to sanitize the beddings and machine. Proceed to dry the items in a dryer. However, you may prefer to hang them out to air-dry. It also gives them a nice, fresh smell.