Making Your Own Curtain Wall Partition

A room with a curtain wall partition.
  • 2-3 hours
  • Beginner
  • 100-200
What You'll Need
Needle and thread
Sewing machine
Measuring tape
Tension bar
Hooks or rings

A wall partition is often one of the most feasible and inexpensive solutions to create separate spaces in a room. There are various ways in which a wall partition can be created, and one of the cheapest and easiest options is by using curtains. Curtains are flexible in that they can be easily removed should you not need the partitioning in the future. Follow the simple steps below to create your own curtain wall partition.

Step 1 - Analyze the Area and Take the Measurements

First of all, analyze the area where you need to set the wall partitioning. Take the measurements and record them to plan the subsequent steps.

Step 2 - Plan

Next, plan your curtains' pattern according to the measurements you just took. Acquire the necessary fabric and all the other tools you will need. It is very important to choose the most suitable kind of fabric. For instance, you may wish to match the curtains' color to the room's wall paint. Alternatively, you could opt for a lighter or darker tone.

Another aspect you need to consider very carefully is whether you wish to reduce any sounds or noises. If this is the case, you should quilt the curtains' fabric to muffle sounds a bit.

Another fundamental decision is whether you want the area behind the partition to be visible or not. This will affect the type of fabric you choose for your curtains. Darker and relatively heavy fabrics will hide away most of the items behind them, but if you want total partitioning, you might sew up a second layer of fabric. This is especially effective if you want the curtain to be rigid when hung. In case you do not mind the area behind the partition from being visible, you could choose lighter and thinner fabric, or simply purchase beaded curtains.

Step 3 - Sew the Curtains

Once you have carefully chosen the fabric, you can start sewing your curtains. Before you begin, wash the fabric. Then cut the fabric according to the dimensions while making room for some allowances for seams and other needs. If you are going to have the curtain divided in two parts, make sure to cut the fabric in equal dimensions. It will be helpful to use a patterned fabric as this will guide you through the sewing task.

Make sure to use a matching thread throughout. First, stitch the hems at either side, and then stitch the bottom hem. Next, fold some of the fabric over to create a casing where the rod will be inserted later. Once done, align the stitches with neat sewing all over. If you are going to quilt them or line them, you will need to use a sewing machine as it will require more work to finalize. Iron the curtains once you are done to have a neater result.

Step 4 - Fix a Tension Bar

Fix a tension bar in the area where the curtain will serve as a partition. A tension bar is ideal since it can enable the curtains to be pushed aside whenever you wish.

Step 5 - Hang the Curtains

Finally, hang the curtains by means of hooks or rings, and enjoy your work.