Man Cave DIY: Convert Your Attic into a Cigar Bar

Converting your attic man cave into a cigar bar is as easy as purchasing several cigars, a humidor and ashtrays. Voila, you have a cigar bar in your man cave. If your existing attic space is unfinished, you may want to engage in some renovation work in order to bring it up to a suitable standard for a cigar bar. To do this you will need to purchase building materials to enclose the walls and cover the flooring as well as install the materials needed to create a cigar bar.

Take Measurements

Before you begin this type of project, you need to take measurements of the attic to determine the total space. Measure the walls and rafters and determine how much paneling and/or drywall you need for the wall surfaces. Measure the floor for the dimensions needed to cover them with wood or tile. You may also need to lay a sub-floor, depending on the age of your home and the type of attic that you have.

Purchase Materials for Building

You can purchase from a local building supply store or home improvement center wood paneling, drywall boards, wood flooring or floor tiles for your man cave attic cigar bar renovation. The type of material that you use for your man cave build depends on your budget and your tastes. The more elaborate that you want your man cave cigar bar to be, the more you should expect to spend. The best type of cigar bar atmosphere that you can create includes a walk-in humidor, which is a space to store your cigar that maintains an even temperature to prevent spoilage from occurring. Comfortable leather couches and chair with the long glass ashtrays finish off this look for your man cave cigar bar.

Build the Walls for Your Man Cave Cigar Bar

Once you have decided on the materials needed to build your man cave cigar bar, it is necessary to begin building the walls. This project assumes that your attic space is unfinished and that there are no existing walls. Before your install the wall boarding, you should check the insulation to make sure that it is up to code. If not, you should place foam or fiberglass insulation (up to your local R factor) in the walls in order to make it up to code.

Attach the drywall boards to  the attic walls and finish them using tape and mud. If instead of dry walling the attic you decide to place wood panels up, simply attach them to the studs in the attic walls.

Construct Flooring

For the best look use wood flooring for your man cave cigar bar. Finished wood panels give the best look and will give you a nice cigar bar feel. You may need to lay a plywood sub-floor of 1/4 to 1/2-inch in thickness. This will give you a base from which to attach the wood flooring on. You can substitute wood flooring with floor tiles instead if you choose.