Man Cave: Gear Head Theme Ideas

A man cave is a room that a man can call their own. It is a room where they can use to entertain their friends, to relax, to watch sports and just be away from the rest of the world. There are so many different ways to setup your very own man cave.

In fact, you can create a man cave in almost any room. For instance you can create your own man cave in a garage, or a basement or even a spare bedroom that is not in use. 

Man Cave Themes

There are many other theme rooms that can be set up for your Man Cave.  A sports themed room could display a love of baseball (a full wall mural of a baseball stadium), with even bases or a scoreboard.  You also could have a wall rack to display your bats, balls etc.

There is also tennis, basketball, football; these are just a few sport themes that you could set your room up to enhance your favorite sport.

Another idea for your man cave would be setting up all the memorabilia you have saved and you now want to display.  You could make the walls of your room the focal point of where you want to place your items. 

Car Collections

Are you a car enthusiast? Develop a collection of different sports car models. They can be everything from a Indy car to a NASCAR. Types of collections range from small individual cars to entire sets of cars. Display the cars proudly in a curio cabinet or on top of a shelf.

Add the Stands

Are you a fan of car racing? If so, sometimes a racetrack will undergo a renovation or a demolition and they offer sports fans and enthusiasts the ability to purchase a set of the stands or the seats or some piece of the race track. Watch out for these types of purchase opportunities. These types of items can be a great addition to your man cave.

Billboards, Billboards and More Billboards

What spells more fun than a flashy lit billboard in your man cave? Add one, two or more! Try to use anything from a sign that displays the name of your favorite beer to a sign that displays NASCAR or INDY-500. Many of the signs can be lit with a neon light.

Don't Forget the Big Screen TVs

Media package! Yes, that is right—what would a man cave be without a few big screen televisions and a great stereo system. Watch all your favorite car races or drag races on the big screen TV with great pumping sounds.

Add Comfort, Style and Leisure

You probably would want to add some comfortable seating like leather couches and chairs. Add a wet bar. Remember to stock the wet bar with great alcoholic beverages, from beer to wine to hard liquor you can use to mix drinks. This room should not only be inviting but it should be a place where your friends enjoy coming and relaxing.