Man Cave: Sports Fanatic Theme Ideas

The enjoyment of your very own man cave can be greatly enhanced by the additions of some simple features that will be greatly appreciated by the rest of the males in your tribe. In particular, sports fans can turn their lair into a world that pays tribute to the sports they love as well as the heroes that have played them.

Idea #1 – Sports Shirts

The addition of signed sports shirts on your walls can have an incredibly professional effect on the decor of your man cave. Try checking out eBay for signed team shirts and have them framed for display purposes. There are also a large number of public auctions that are used to raise money for charity where signed team shirts can also be acquired.

Autograph hunters can use a cheaper alternative method and use old team shirts when meeting players in the flesh. Framing can be expensive, so shop around for the cheapest prices first.

Idea #2 – Action Photographs

Still pictures of your heroes in action also look great on a wall. Many newspapers, particularly local editions, sell prints of sporting photographs from recent issues so try contacting the sports desk for further information.

Alternatively, source the name of the photographer from a favorite shot and check their website for information about purchasing prints.

Markets and specialist sports stores are also great ways of picking up cheap action pictures of your favorite players.

Idea #3 – Game Consoles

Setting up your man cave with the latest games console can be fantastic way of competing against other tribe members in a series of your favorite sports.

Most major gaming platforms have a wide variety of sports titles available and many of these can also be played online against players from all over the world so consider Internet access in your man cave as well.

Idea #4 – Cable or Satellite Television

Wondering about how best to entertain visitors to your man cave? Having cable or satellite television installed will make your haven incredibly attractive to all local tribe members.

Live games and a few beers in the company of good friends is a sure to make your man cave the most popular joint in town. Don’t forget to setup a DVD player as well so that classic matches can be watched over and over again with your tribe!

Idea #5 – Games Tables

The popularity of a games table in your man cave must never be underestimated and there are plenty of different choices available. Pool and snooker tables are old favorites but bar football and table tennis games are also popular for those with a sporting preference.

Don’t forget to add a dartboard to some free wall space as well.

Idea #6 – Memorabilia

Sports memorabilia has become amazingly popular in recent years and there are many different ways to boost your collection. Signed footballs or baseballs are regularly auctioned and some players will donate boots or helmets to good causes as a means of raising money for charity.

Once again, autograph hunters can create their own collections cheaply using their own sports items.