Maple Cabinets vs Birch Cabinets

Birch and maple cabinets are often the two choices that stand out above the rest when you are adding or changing cabinets in the home. Maple cabinets, like birch cabinets, have their strong and weak points. The information below will share the pros and cons of both of these materials.


Maple cabinets and birch cabinets are both very sturdy and dependable. Birch is a stiff and heavy wood that is found in the Northeast of the United States and Canada. Maple is also a sturdy wood, but it is heavier and stiffer than birch. You can find maple in the Northeast of the United States.

Bang for Your Buck

The cost of materials is always a concern. Birch cabinets can cost up to 80% less than maple cabinets.

Versatility in Color

Both are light in color with maple taking on a more reddish tone and bitch appears more yellowish. You can stain both materials, but maple is more versatile and you can stain maple cabinets to look more like cherry or walnut.

Wood Texture

How the wood feels to the touch is not often a deciding factor. If you want something that is smooth then maple cabinets are better than birch as birch is a rougher wood.