Maple Crown Molding

Crown molding.

There are two types of maple crown molding: soft and hard. When selecting the material, there are important factors that can help in making other choices, such as the type of stain to apply. This can also influence which material to pick for particular areas in the home.

Hard Maple Crown Molding

The material provides a beautiful finish once the job is completed. It is made of straight-grained wood, which provides a naturally attractive design. This can be a better choice for high walls or ceilings. Apply clear finish as well, so as to expose natural grains. Hard maple crowning molding is costly compared to soft maple crown.

Soft Maple Crown

This is a suitable alternative when working on a tight budget. The benefit of the material is that it can be used to construct household items, such as kitchen cabinets, doors, wall panels, and furniture. It can be used for crown molding as well. For the best results, stain it so as to provide an attractive finish to the grayish and dark-colored flecks.


Plan well when installing maple crown moldings. This includes buying enough material and factoring in extra costs, such as paint, polish, or stain. Take care of corners when fixing the molding. Get correct fittings and fix them appropriately so that they don’t budge or protrude on the surface.