Marble Floor Restoration: Mistakes to Avoid

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Marble floor restoration is a project that is usually more trouble than it is worth. A marble floor is very expensive and opulent in its look and will enhance the interior of any building, but marble is easily damaged. Marble floor restoration is usually done because the surface becomes nicked or scratched and needs to be refinished. When setting out on a marble floor restoration project, you have to take great care or else you may damage the marble beyond restoration. The article below will share with you several tips that you should keep in mind in order to ensure that the marble floor restoration is a success.

Not Removing All of the Finish

The marble floor restoration process always begins with removing the finish that is on the marble. If you fail to remove all of the finish, you will wind up with an uneven-looking marble floor. Do not remove the finish just in one area, but the finish on the entire floor. The finish is typically hardened wax or polyurethane and is removed by sanding. A motorized sander is the only way to go, and you will need to use fine-grit sandpaper. Use medium pressure when using the sander and continue until the floor looks milky white. This will indicate that the finish is effectively removed from the marble flooring and will allow marble floor restoration to be done without flaw.

Not Wearing Proper Attire

Once you have removed the finish, you need to be very careful about what you wear when restoring the marble. Particularly important is your choice of footwear. Since the finish has been removed from the marble, you will be walking directly on the exposed marble. Marble is fairly soft and easily damaged. Avoid wearing shoes with dark rubber soles, as you can leave streaks on the marble. You should also avoid anything with a rigid heel. You should wear cotton booties over sneakers, socks, or your bare feet. The cotton is soft enough that it will not scratch or damage the marble.

Using Chemicals

The worst thing you can do for a marble floor is to use chemicals. Many chemicals used to remove a finish or repair the luster of the marble are very harsh. The chemicals usually contain acid which will literally eat away at the top surface of the marble. This will, in the end, damage the marble and may also harm you. If you want to repair the luster of the marble, you only need to look as far as your faucet or pantry. Wipe the marble down with a damp rag soaked in freshwater. Water will help add moisture to the stone and make it shine prior to finishing it, which will seal in the shine.

Stiff Brushes and Scrubbing

Marble, unlike cement or granite, is easily damaged when the finish has been removed. Even the slightest misuse of a cleaning utensil can cause it to be damaged. Never use anything with stiff bristles, as they can easily scratch the marble surface.