Marble Vessel Sink: Cleaning and Care

marble sink

A marble vessel sink adds class and elegance to any bathroom, combining classical materials with a contemporary form. These stand-alone pieces look beautiful, but they require much more careful care and maintenance than traditional porcelain or ceramic sinks. Given their higher cost, it’s certainly worth the investment in doing some research about proper care and cleaning.

Cleaning Tips for Your Marble Vessel Sink

Common problems with marble include discoloration, etching, and scorching. Harsh cleaners cause chemical reactions that discolor the marble; therefore, only use cleaners that are specifically designed for marble. Apply the cleaner in a soft, stroking motion with your cloth, as opposed to a vigorous and circular scrubbing motion. Consider covering the marble with a sealant to protect its color and make it easier to clean.

Maintenance Tips for Your Marble Vessel Sink

There are some daily things you can do to keep your marble sink looking beautiful. Avoid resting anything hot, like a hairdryer or curling iron, on the marble surface because you can end up with burn marks that you wouldn’t expect. Clean all liquids immediately by gently wiping them away with a clean cloth in a gentle blotting motion.