Mason Jar Bathroom Organization

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What You'll Need
12 oz. mason jars
Hose clamps
Lumber (reclaimed or new)
Stain / stain brushes
Screwdriver / screws

Mason jars are very popular in the DIY world and with good reason. Whenever I mention them on my own blog my viewership goes up greatly, and I think this has to do with the versatility of use and homey character they have—which makes them great for use in a bathroom.

Unlike kitchens and living rooms, bathrooms tend to be cold and colorless. Unless a homeowner is very creative with their bathroom design, there isn’t all that much one can do to make the space one’s own. That is why I love this DIY so much. Using nothing more than wood and some vintage mason jars, one can easily add design charm and some (always needed) storage for personal items to this oft-forgotten room.

Step 1 - Prep the Wood Backing

Begin this DIY by preparing the wood piece your jars will adhere to. The sizing of the wood greatly depends on how many jars you have, as well as how close or far apart you wish them to be. For four jars, a 30-inch long piece of wood is the perfect size.

Once the wood piece is cut, it's always best to stain it to the desired color and allow it to dry completely before continuing to the next step. Although I tend to use an old rag to apply stain, the “proper” way is to use a brush.

Step 2 - Measure, Mark, and Hose It

After the wood’s color has dried, it's time to consider where you would like your jars to be placed on the board. Using a ruler, determine your spacing and make small "Xs" with a pencil where appropriate. For a 30-inch board, every 7.5 inches tends to work perfectly. Next, simply take your metal hose clamps and using screws, drill them into the marks.

Step 3 - Add the Jars

Now comes the fun part in which the whole project comes together. Close your hose clamps so the two ends meet slightly wider than the circumference of the jar. Place the jar’s lip within the clamp's confines and tighten it vigorously so the jars suspend unaided. This is sometimes easier said than done and largely depends on the kind of clamps purchased for the project. While some feature a simple “snap-in” application, others require a screwdriver's assistance to close the clamp around the glass.

After mounting on the wall, there are so many things one can do with this beautiful DIY. I personally like to place my toothbrush in a jar and allow it to air-dry, but mason jars used this way can hold q-tips, hair ties, or an assortment of brushes (hair or makeup). I have even seen live plants and individual-sized soap bars housed in them.

Step 4 - Make it Your Own!

Finally, if further personalization is what you're after, here are some great ideas to really make this project your own!

  • Traditionally, mason jars feature clear floral design patterns around the diameter or the jar. Using permanent (non-water soluble) markers, outline the flowers to create a classic 3-dimensional look. To make this idea even more striking, use marker colors that contrast the stain color of the wood. A bright red, for instance, can really stand out and be just the pop of color your bathroom needs.
  • Use paint instead of stain. I personally like the look of stained wood and have used it sporadically throughout my house to create a timeless, cozy feel. For a more modern look, paint the wood backing used to hold your jars in bold colors.
  • Purchase chalkboard paint from your local paint store and dip your jars into it. This forms a dark black exterior on your mason jars, which can then be written on in chalk, aiding in organization with a touch of unique, one-of-a-kind style.
Photo courtesy of diyjoy.