Matching Colored Caulk with Colored Grout

A man applies grout.

You can purchase colored grout at your local home improvement center. In many tile projects, you will need to use grout in between the tiles you lay and you will need to apply a layer of caulk to the sides and edges of the tiled surface. One would sometimes think that you can only find grout in whites and grays and that caulk can only be found in the same types of shades, but with the improvement in technology, there are many different color solutions that will allow you to match your grout with your caulk. Below are a few tips to remember when you are going to match the two different products.

Whites and Grays

The simplest and easiest way to match the grout with the caulk is to keep with a standard color solution. Whites and grays tend to be the most frequently used and readily available products on home improvement shelves. You will not need to worry about running out of a supplied color, either with the caulk or the grout.

Browns, Tans, and Neutrals

Another increasingly popular choice in the color wheel for tile projects are neutral colors. If you pick a tile that will work with a neutral brown caulk or grout, you will have several different options to choose from. You should not have any trouble finding a color that will match or complement the tiles you lay.

Reds, Yellows, and Other Brights

If you are instead looking to create a tiling project with many different colors or with colors that are not as widely used, you will have a more difficult time finding a caulk and a grout that will match perfectly. With the advent of additional coloring techniques, it is not as difficult as it once was. The big box home improvement stores usually only carry the standard colors. To find something that will match well, go online to a caulk and grout supply store. You can also look for a tile supply store, as they sometimes carry the types of products that will give you the ability to match two material colors. Colorfast, as an example, carries a wide variety of grout, caulk tubes, and kits. The caulk usually comes in a tube and will need to be mixed before application.

Sheen and Shine

When you look to match the caulk with your grout, consider the type of shine you wish to use. Grout is usually a non-shiny material that is applied in between the tiles. Caulk tends to have a wet look. If you add a sealer to your grout and tile, you can use a shiny type of caulk to match the shine. If you instead intend to leave the tile natural in look, you should consider finding a caulk that does not shine as much and that has a low luster appeal.