Mattress Recycling

Because the average mattress is a combination of wood, cotton, steel and polyurethane foam, it contains numerous materials that are eligible for recycling. Rather than throw the entire used mattress in the garbage where it will undoubtedly end up in the landfill, consider mattress recycling as an earth-conscious alternative.

Recycling a Mattress

A recycled mattress can be broken down and turned into its component parts. As much as 90% of it can be reused for other goods. There are a growing number of commercial enterprises that will take your mattress off your hands and recycle it. At an industrial level, a mattress is rendered very quickly, with the cotton being separated from the springs, foam and wood. Cotton can become recycled clothing while the wood becomes salable chips. The metal springs and the polyurethane foam are also recycled, meaning that very little of the used mattress ends up in the trash.

Recycle Your Own Mattress

If you don’t have a mattress recycler near you, with a little initiative you can take the mattress apart yourself and recycle the components. You will want to wear safety gear, but once apart, all of the pieces can be recycled as they are.

Rather than throw your mattress into the landfill, recycle it by either taking to a special mattress recycling center or by engaging in the work yourself.