Maximize Your Space with a Dorm Loft Bed

Purchasing a dorm loft bed is the first step in getting organized for college; there are so many different ways to maximize your living space. The loft bed option gives you that space under a bed that you would not otherwise have. Having a loft bed in your dorm room rivals the typical bunk bed option as it gives roommates, their own personal space with which, to study and organize their possessions. You can use the extra space that the loft bed allows, to get organized and ultimately do better in school.

Storage Bins or Shelving?

If you are looking for the ultimate space saver, the loft bed is for you. You can use the space under the bed to store your belongings. You can place shelving units under the bed or you can go with the timeless classic, storage bins. The shelves provide ultimate visibility and accessibility for your storage needs. It is ideal for storing books you may need to reach on short notice.

Storage bins are used to store things you do not think you will need for a while. Shelving and storage bins will work wonderfully to store your items as they fit perfectly under a loft bed. You may also find shelves that accommodate storage bins and serve two of your storage needs. When purchasing shelves you must make sure that you have enough clearance to fit the shelves.

Extra Living Area

You may also want to consider turning the space under the loft bed into a living area. It can be one of many different types of living areas. You can use it as an office, somewhere to do your studying and homework. You can use a file cabinet to keep your records and term papers organized. You can use the desk to both hold your computer and eat your dinner!

A gaming area would also be another choice for that gamer in your family. Equip it with the latest gaming chairs and equipment and you will have a spot for serious downtime. There are plans that you can look at online that will give you ideas on how to set up any space under a loft bed. You might also turn it into your “relax spot”. Set it up with a comfy chair and a nice low-wattage light bulb. You can use it to read or simply stare off into space as many college students do to purge their minds.


The advantage to using a loft bed in you dorm room is that you can maximize what little space you have. Most dorm rooms do not allow for much space and every little thing you can do to optimize your dorms space will need to be contemplated. You will have room for that mini fridge you want or any other item you may need or want that takes up room, if you save space with your loft bed. You can feel confident that your obtaining a loft bed for your dorm room was obtaining the ultimate space saver!