Maximizing the Natural Light in Your Home

Natural light is not only better for the environment but also for your home and budget. Ensuring that your home has enough natural light will help you to reduce costs on electricity, keep your home looking fresh with all the sunlight streaming in and also, keep you healthy. Natural light is great for dealing with mood disorders and boosting the immune system. Here are some easy tips on how to maximize the natural light in your home.

Using Windows to Maximize Natural Light

Whether your home has a lot of windows or a few, you can easily optimize the light you get from them. Place furniture, such as a couch or an easy chair next to the windows. Keep windows clean and use sheer, light-colored drapes or blinds as much as possible. Venetian blinds are better at allowing natural light into your home. Not only can you control the amount of light but you can also angle the blinds to direct the light into a particular area. Keep curtains and blinds open during the day and watch how the sunlight lights up your home, free of cost.

Décor Tips to Increase Natural Light

Using the color palette in rooms is a simple way to increase natural light. White and light colors are better reflectors of natural light and so, light-colored walls and furnishings will make a room look brighter naturally. You can add splashes of color in the form of cushions or throws to increase the vibrancy of a room. Using reflective sheens on the ceiling will also help to increase natural light.

Mirrors are another easy way to add more light and life to a room. Since mirrors, too, reflect light rather than absorbing it, placing a mirror or two strategically will increase the natural light in a room. You can also, turn the area next to large windows in to a bay window-like seating area by building a simple bench right next to the windowsill.

Making Structural Changes to Increase Light Naturally

Adding a skylight is a great way to increase natural light and reduce electricity costs. Pick a location that receives the maximum amount of sunlight. Also, try to install skylights in rooms that are used more often than others are. The bathroom is a good place for a skylight. Doing this will help to cut down on electricity costs while keeping room bright and naturally lit. Solar lights or sky tubes are also ideal and easy options for optimizing natural light.

Remove Obstacles to Natural Light

Is your window blocked by an overgrown hedge? Or maybe it faces a tree? Trimming a hedge or a tree’s branches will help natural light to reach your room easily. Avoid pasting anything onto a window and discourage kids from doing the same. Keep windowsills free of clutter and allow the sunlight to stream in freely.

Maximizing the natural light that your home receives will help you to reduce electricity costs, be more eco-friendly and also, stay healthy. Sunlight will keep your home bright and naturally warm in winters as well. Simple things like rearranging the furniture or changing the drapes can make a big difference. Do use these tips and ideas to maximize the natural light in your home and see how it brightens it up.