MDF vs Slate Pool Tables

Prior to purchasing slate pool tables, it is necessary to make comparisons with other types of table to get an idea of what to expect. Being aware of the various qualities that the table can offer will ensure that you obtain the correct variety for your purposes.    


Slate pool tables are constructed to such a professional standard that they tend to be the type used by clubs, but are also available for domestic properties.


The cost of slate pool tables often proves to be prohibitive when compared to MDF pool tables. Although the cost of both varieties of table will vary, the most expensive MDF table will be hundreds of dollars while the slate will run into thousands.   


Slate pool tables are resistant to moisture and temperature fluctuations, which will ensure that it will remain flat and last for many years. A high quality MDF table would have to go through specific treatment to prevent it from warping.   


The range of MDF pool tables on the market will usually exceed those for slate pool tables, making it easier to find the style, size and color that you want. An MDF table will be lighter and easier to transport, even allowing you to obtain versions that fold.