Mealybug Prevention Made Easy

What You'll Need
An oil based bug spray (make sure its safe for use on food if you plan on spraying fruit and vegetables)

The mealybug is a garden insect pest that eats the juices and nutrients out of your plants. Mealybugs spread quickly and are good at hiding and defending themselves. Ridding your garden of them is a tough chore for anybody to take on. While they may look like cute little cotton balls, their cottony coat actually helps protect them from most pesticides. This brief guide will help you prevent a mealybug infestation, or stop one once it starts.

Step 1- Keep Your Garden Healthy

The best line of defense against mealybugs is to keep your garden healthy. Mealybugs often target weak, stressed and sick plants.

Step 2- Inspect New Plants

Always inspect new plants for mealybugs before introducing the plant to your garden. One of the main ways to get a mealybug infestation is to bring them in on a new plant.

Step 3- Spray

Unfortunately, most bug sprays will not work on mealybugs due to their cottony coat. Oil based sprays tend to work the best. Make sure you spray every last bit of plant, as mealybugs are great at hiding.