Measuring for Deck Stairs

Deck stairs heighten the beauty that a deck brings to your home exteriors. Deck stairs are an integral part of the deck, and can go a long way in determining the strength and durability of any deck design. Nowadays, stairs are being built on decks from a wide array of materials like traditional wood to even innovative virgin vinyl. Whatever be the deck material or the stair design, the primary thing that is of real importance is the measurement of the deck stairs. Here are a few simple tips that will assist you in getting the correct measurements in the right manner:

Tip 1: Rise and Slope

Measure the entire height of the deck. Divide this figure by 7. The figure arrived at is the average number of stairs that the deck needs to support it. We have chosen ‘7’ since it is the rough estimated rise that each step of the deck has. The run for each step of the deck should be 12 inches minimum, if not more. The slope of the stairs is also essential. It is advised to keep the slope 40-45 degrees from the surface on which the deck stairs are going to be built.

Tip 2: Permissions

Before deciding on the dimensions or measurements of the deck stairs, make sure that you check with the authorized housing office so as to be sure that your stair measurements are well within acceptable limits.

Tip 3: Dimensions 1

The stairs on a deck is supposed to be minimum 35 inches wide. The width can go up to about 5-7 inches more if required by the structure of the deck itself. The height of the stairs should not be more then 12-14 inches. There must be stair rests at every 12 feet height reached in the vertical direction, in case the measurement of the stair height exceeds the specified limit.

Tip 4: Dimensions 2

While fixing the measurements, you also need to bear in mind that the deck stairs are not narrower than 10-12 inches. A standard dimension used on deck stairs is of six inches in height and 15 inches in depth. All the measurements are calculated in order that the deck stairs have ample footing space. This is a precautionary measure.

Tip 5: Landing

The last tip relates to the step landings which need to have the same breadth as that of the deck stairs. In case there are doors on the deck, a landing has to be set at the door bottom and its top. These are generally 35 inches in depth.

Tip 6: Handrails

After the dimensions of the stairs are decided, you need to see that it accommodates the deck railing and its handrails as well. The rails need to be at least 3 inches in width so that it provides a proper area for holding on to it, during climbing the stairs. Make sure that the handrail is placed such that it is not visible. This is a norm for all deck stair construction.

The measurements, once completed are half your work done. Happy Building!