Measuring Garage Door Extension Springs

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If you are working on your garage door, you may run into issues with the garage door extension springs. Sometimes, you will need to replace one spring. Other times, you will need to replace them all, or simply check to make sure that the right ones are installed. You must measure the garage door extension springs to understand what springs you are going to need to order.

Measuring the Garage Door Extension Springs

First, measure the length of the spring. The spring should be measure as it is unwound. After you measure the length of this spring, you need to measure the diameter of the spring. This should be done from the inside. After you have this information, you can measure the length of the coils of the spring. This length, along with the other types of information, will help you to order the right spring. For the best measurements, simply remove the spring and bring it into a garage door shop or a hardware shop. They will be able to help you measure the spring to find the right spring.