Measuring Windows for Curtain Rod Installation

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A curtain rod serves as a support structure as well as a movement device for the curtain. Drapes and curtains diffuse the light coming into the home and also create a mood based on their style and color. An interior designer will often select a curtain rod and the drapes and then design the room around that. A good curtain rod and drape will serve as the focal point of a room.

A poorly installed curtain rod can ruin the entire look of the room. This also applies to the size of the curtains and curtain rod. If the curtain rod is too small then the curtain will not properly cover the window. A curtain rod that is too long will stand out more than it should. The following article will explain how to properly measure your windows for a correct curtain rod installation.

Gather Your Tools

In order to get a good measurement and to install the curtain rod correctly, you need to gather all of your tools first. Make sure you have your curtain handy as well as the curtain rod. Have your pen and paper close to you. Use a metal measuring tape. You will most likely not get an accurate measurement with a fabric measuring tape. This type of measuring tape has some give to it so it can stretch as you use it. If you are installing the curtain rod with a cordless drill make sure it is fully charged before you begin. If using a corded drill then make sure the cord is long enough.

Decide on Placement

There are two places where you can install the curtain rod: inside the window and outside the window. This does not mean hanging a curtain rod outside. This is very important because it will greatly affect how you will measure for the curtain rod. This decision is completely up to you and your taste. Mounting the curtain rod on the inside creates a very modern look and is perfect for roman shades.

It is also great if you want your molding to remain visible. Mountain a curtain rod on the outside is the classic way of hanging curtains. This method makes your windows look larger than they are. You can also hang multiple panels for windows that are larger.

Measuring the Window for the Curtain Rod

If mounting the curtain rod to the inside of the window then you'll need three points of measurement: bottom, top, and middle. The narrowest figure is the one you'll be using. The length is determined in the same fashion but using the largest number of the three. If, however, you're installing Roman shades then you'd also use the smallest number.

And you take the measurements from the inside of the window's molding. Use the same method for an outside mount but around the perimeter of the molding. Add three inches to each side and this is where the curtain rod brackets will be installed.