Metal Counter Stool Design Ideas

Your metal counter stools say a lot about your own style, and the design should compliment not only your own taste, but the décor of the room that they will be used in. There are innumerable designs you can use for your stools which make choosing a design a difficult and time consuming business. The design of you stools will often be the focal point of a kitchen, especially if you are in a rented home where you have limited choices as far as room color and lighting are concerned.

Here are some design ideas to help you choose.

Back or Backless

The choice of backless or backed designs will depend on a number of factors. Do you have children? Stools with backs might seem to be safer for children, but they can actually be more dangerous as children tend to fidget and lean back on the stools, making them unstable.

Backless counter stools are handy if you have a kitchen bench with an overhang, as you can just tuck the stools under the overhang to keep them neat and tidy. Stools with backs can give your kitchen a more comfortable feel and, if you use you kitchen for entertaining, this design will be more comfortable for your visitors.

Rigid or Adjustable

The design of your kitchen can influence the design of your counter stools. Rigid stools tend to compliment rustic style kitchens, whereas adjustable chairs will look better in modern and light kitchens.

If you have people of differing heights sitting at your kitchen bench, adjustable stools will make it much more comfortable for them. Adjustable stools are also handy if you have children as they can be seated to be comfortable.

Stool Color and Your Kitchen

With counter stools coming in a huge array of colors, you should choose stools either to compliment or contrast with the basic décor. Stools with seats the color of your kitchen furniture or bench tops will fit in, or you can choose to go with stools the color of your window frames and baseboards.

A kitchen is the one room where color can be mixed and matched without problem, so don’t be afraid to use stools with loud colors to draw the eye and use as a focal point, especially if the rest of the room is a bit dull.


Ornate metal designs look good in most situations, but be careful that they are comfortable as people could be spending a lot of time in them when you have visitors.

A modern and contemporary style can dress up a dull kitchen and a retro, curved design stool will add a touch of individuality and artistic flair to a stark kitchen.

Your Personality

The design of stools you choose should reflect your personality. Are you artistic? Try a design with flair and color that sets off any wall art that you have hanging. Do you have an old fashioned or conservative personality? Maybe a plain stool with a solid wood seat and back would suit.