Metal Lawn Edging Ideas

If you’re looking at how to make your yard spaces or outdoor areas look neater, you might be wondering about some ways to use metal lawn edging as part of outdoor installations. Metal edging helps to clean up landscaping spaces and shouldn’t impede mowing or other activity if it’s correctly installed. Look at all of your options for this handy landscaping item before searching for local offers in your neighborhood hardware stores.

Types of Metal Lawn Edging

Metal lawn edging is generally made out of either aluminum or steel. Steel lawn edging tends to be a bit heavy, and not all kinds of landscaping installations need this grade of material for creating an edge. You can find different options for metal edging directly from big landscaping suppliers who realize the demand for this kind of durable product.

Other options for edging include plastic  and composite ( recycled plastic) varieties.

Metal Lawn Edging Ideas

Here are some of the ways that DIY landscapers use metal lawn edging in their lawns or outdoor areas.

Walkways – When you have created a distinctive walkway using pebbles, gravel or any other mobile element, metal lawn edging can help keep your materials where they need to be, and provide a neat edge for grassy areas or other adjacent parts of your yard.

Flowerbeds – At the edges of carefully mulched flowerbeds, metal lawn edging can provide an alternative to brick or stone edges for separating your plant beds from lawn areas.

Rock Gardens – If you’re incorporating a large boulder or other rock installation into your yard, you might want to surround it with pebbles or similar material, where metal lawn edging demarcates the boundary of your project where it meets the grass. Lots of property owners and landscapers like to install these kinds of areas in places where grass doesn’t grow easily, or where roots or other obstacles prevent level access for mowing.

Zen Gardens – A Zen garden is a specific decorative installation featuring rock and pebble elements as opposed to a grassy lawn. Lawn edging is also useful for making boundaries for these kinds of projects.

Fountains – Pebble or gravel arrangements are also popular for the areas around some kinds of modern fountain designs. For example, a slab granite fountain might be surrounded with colorful pebbles to accentuate its presence in a grass lawn area. This is another place where metal edging will help separate non-grass areas for easier maintenance.

Patios – In some cases where homeowners or workers are looking at installing a patio space, metal lawn edging can help hold in pavers or otherwise set boundaries for the project. Think about adding heavy metal edging if it can help support the edges of your patio project.

All of the above can help provide ideas for effective landscaping improvements. These kinds of projects can up the resale value of a property while giving inhabitants a better looking home.