Metal Roof Maintenance

Metal roof maintenance is required to ensure that your roof meets its full life expectancy. While metal roofs have a longer life span than asphalt, wood or fiberglass roofs, some basic maintenance tasks will help you maximize the use of your metal roof.

You will find that the maintenance requirements for your metal roof are not as strenuous as with the other types of roofs.

Annual Inspection

At least once a year spray the roof down with a power sprayer to remove leaves, branches and other debris that may accumulate. If you detect any holes or other damage that may have been caused by the elements, obtain a patch kit to seal the damage. If you notice that the damage appears to be related to the installation, contact the roofing contractor immediately. You may have a warranty on the roof that covers issues concerning installation and workmanship.

Apply Protective Sealant

The protective sealant that is applied to the roofing shingles may need to be replaced at some point. You can apply this sealant yourself or hire a contractor to do this for you. As with any type of roof, take precautions to ensure your safety and when at all possible do not perform roofing work alone.