Metal Shed Roof Maintenance

Green shed with metal roof
  • 1-2 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 400
What You'll Need
Metal roof paint for outdoor use
Paint brush
Paint scraper
Power saw
Safety glasses
Scraps of tin to a suitable size
Drill and screws
Caulking and a caulk gun
A hose and water source
5mm polystyrene

It is important to properly maintain a metal shed roof on an outdoor storage shed to protect the contents of the shed from adverse weather. These roofs are most commonly seen on metal sheds, although other models use them occasionally.

Perform a roof inspection twice a year in order to catch any problems at an early stage. This should be done in the spring and again in the fall.

Step 1 - Prepare and Inspect

Rinse the roof area off with a hose. Be sure to get all dirt and other debris off the roof. If the roof has a drain or guttering, clear these areas of debris as well. Let the roof dry. A stiff brush may be needed to remove stubborn debris.

Place the ladder squarely on the ground. Climb the ladder carefully to access the roof. Check all seams and look for penetrations of any kind. Also check for screws that need to be replaced or tightened.

If the maintenance problems require climbing up and down the ladder more than a couple of times, or carrying sheets of metal, get a friend to help. This will save time, effort and will be much safer.

Step 2 - Minor Repairs

Metal shed in a backyard

While uncommon, it is possible for a metal roof to pick up the occasional hole. These issues should be attended to as soon as they are noticed. Apply roofing cement to the area and smooth it out with a paint scraper.

When replacing screws, washers and bolts, use ones that are made from the same metal as the roof. This is important in order to protect the roof from corrosion. These should only be put into the raised areas of the roof.

Step 3 - Fix Tears and Rust Problems

Panels with rust or torn areas in them should be taken off. The rusted and torn areas will need to be cut out. Be sure to wear safety glasses when cutting. Replace the panel, and place a two-foot piece of tin over the problem area. Screw this into place using a drill. The screws should be placed about three inches apart. Caulk the seams to prevent water from getting between the roof and the tin.

Step 4 - Seal the Interior Roof Surface

snow melting off a brown metal roof

The interior of the roof surface can be prepared to resist condensation. This is accomplished by installing polystyrene. Simply tack layers of 5mm polystyrene to the inside layer of the shed roof.

Step 5 - Paint

Some metal roofs need to be painted every year or two. Using a scraper, rid the roof of peeling paint. Using a paint brush, carefully paint the roof with exterior metal paint on a day when rain is not forecast for at least 24 hours.

When a metal shed roof is properly maintained, it will not have to be replaced for many years. This will save both money and time in the long run.