5 Tips on Installing Metal Window Wells

metal window well

If your basement is a dark and dreary space, you may consider installing a metal window well. to provide light for the basement. Allowing light cannot be done with a window alone. The basement require a window well too to keep out dirt. Window wells are made of different materials including concrete, brick, stone, wood, and metal. This article will discuss 5 tips that must be remembered when installing a metal window well.

Handling With Care

Window wells are made of electrified materials, so you must be careful when handling them.

Remove All Dirt

Ensure that you have removed all dirt and debris from the outside of the the window. Use a shovel to help you do so. It will help in setting the window in place, just below the bottom of the window shelf by about 5-inches.

Attach Window Well

You may consider attaching the metal window well with concrete screws. Ensure that the screws have been appropriately tightened.

Refill the Area Around the Window

While installing the metal window well, fill back in with all the dirt around the metal window well.


You can decorate with nice decorative gravel to the bottom of the window well once the sides are built. Also consider planting grass or flowers on its side to make it look a bit more colorful.