Pros and Cons of Metal Window Wells

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Metal window wells garner mixed reactions from homeowners. That's understandable based on the pros and cons of building a metal window well.

Pros of Metal Window Well

These windows allow light into the space, turning the dark dead basement into a lively daylight place. You can decorate them by applying a scenic liner onto the metal window well. They are both weatherproof and durable; moreover, they hold their shapes in every type of temperature. Metal window wells don’t leak, as the metal well deflects about 98% of the rain to the ground.

Cons of Metal Window Well

Metal window wells look ugly at times when they are compared to the other types of window wells. You cannot cover your windows with curtains and shades all the time; something must be done to hide the metal. You cannot cover the metal by building something in the well, as that would lessen the area of the window well and make it difficult to exit through the window well in an emergency. Metal window wells cannot be built at all places. You need to contact your local zoning office to obtain permission to add a metal window frame to your basement.