Methods to Remove Various Types of Glue

If you have to remove glue you will want some tricks up your sleeve. Getting glue out of clothing, off of furniture, or out of carpet can be one sticky dilemma. You want to remove the glue but you don’t want to damage the object.

Super Glue

This kind of glue is so fast setting that it is no wonder people find themselves glued to their project. The trick to removing super glue is to use acetone. This solvent used to be in every nail polish remover but you may have to go to a hardware store to find it now. Simply put some acetone on a cotton swab and apply it to the glue. This will dissolve the glue and keep your skin intact. It also works on furniture, floors, and countertops. It can damage some sealed wood and laminated surfaces so apply carefully. If you get this strong glue on clothing, then you can use acetone and scrub it with a small brush. You may need to reapply it. Super glue may not come off of some fabric completely and it might damage the fabric so you should test it first.

Sticker Glue

Stickers and labels leave behind their glue when they are peeled off. This sticky residue can be easily removed with oil. That’s why peanut butter is what your grandmother might recommend. It is actually the in the peanut butter that works as a remover. This means that mineral oil, vegetable oil, or baby oil will work just as well. Spray on lubricant from the hardware stores works well. Apply the oil with a cotton ball and wipe it off.

School Glue

School glue is one of the easiest glues to remove. Warm water will soften the glue and it can be wiped way on any hard surface. If school glue has gotten on clothing then applying heat can set the glue permanently. Soak the clothing in room temperature water a day or two to loosen up the glue. Then wash the item in the washing machine and let it dry without putting it in the dryer. If there is still a film of glue you can soak and wash it again until the glue comes out.

Rubber Cement

Rubber cement has its own remover called rubber cement thinner. Put some on a cloth and put it on the area to be cleaned. Let it sit for several hours. This soaking will break up the glue and it can be wiped away with a clean cloth. Any solvent can damage certain surfaces so it is best to test the area before trying this method of removal.

Other Tips

If you have glue on your carpet or upholstery, then put an ice pack on the area to make the glue harden and then you can scrape it away. Using only ice would add water to the glue and might reactivate it.

Vinegar can be effective in removing glue from wood. Just put some vinegar that has been warmed up on a cloth and gently rub away the glue.

Glue holds the world together. Well maybe not the world but glue is useful in holding together our stuff anyway. Now that you know how to remove it go ahead with that project you’ve been meaning to do.