The Mexican Folklore of La Flor de Noche Buena: The Poinsettia

Every year around Christmas time, families get together to pay tribute to the past, honor the present, and give thanks to the future by celebrating the holiday. Lots of families tell stories that further enchant the season of giving, and one of the most enchanting Christmas story is that of a little girl with no gift to honor baby Jesus.

It is said that a poor young peasant girl in Mexico on her way to celebrate Christmas at church followed scores of people carrying brilliant gifts to honor baby Jesus, but suddenly felt embarrassed because she had no gift to give.

The little girl so desperately wanted to give something of great value and when she could think of nothing, she began to cry.

Some people say that a friend of the little girl saw her crying and went over to console her. The little girl confessed that she had nothing to give and her friend told her that any gift from the heart would surely be appreciated.

Others say that an angel appeared and told the young girl to pick a bouquet of weeds from the roadside.

Either way, the girl picked a handful of weeds from the roadside and continued to church. At church people lined up to place extravagant gifts at the foot of the nativity scene. People looked at the little girl in disbelief as she placed her weeds near the manger.

Suddenly the weeds transformed into beautiful red flowers, and everyone who witnessed the gift swore they had witnessed none other than a Christmas miracle.

Each year at Christmas time, beautiful red poinsettias bloomed on the roadside. People began to spread word of the miracle witnessed, and the red flowers were called 'Flores de Noche Buena' - Flowers of the Holy Night.

The story of the poor peasant girl is told each year in Mexico, inspiring all that a gift from the heart is the most precious gift of all, and even the simplest of things can be great.