Mildew Paint Additive

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  • 1-6 hours
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  • 5-50

If mildew has been a prevalent problem in your home, or you fear it might become one, you may want to consider using a mildew paint additive. Read on to learn all about this unique type of paint additive.


Mildew paint additive's primary function is protecting your home's painted surfaces from the formation of mildew. It is particularly effective in enclosed, humid and moist environments, such as attics, basements, garages and bathrooms. Its application will result in considerably less mildew buildup in these areas and, as such, will mean far less cleaning for you. The effects of mildew paint additive generally last between one and three years, although it varies by brand, so be sure to consult your additive's packaging or the manufacturer's website.

Things to be Aware of

While the application of mildew paint additive will play a large role in defending your home against mildew, you must still do your part. Make sure to periodically air out your home's more mildew-prone areas and take care to thoroughly clean them at least once a month. Keep in mind that although mildew paint additive will make the formation of mildew far less likely, it will not make the areas to which it is applied completely impervious to mildew deposits.