Millwork refers to any ready-made wood product made at a lumber mill, wood-planing mill, or woodworking plant that is used in construction. There are many types of millwork available. 

Some basic examples of millwork are door frames, window sashes, window casings, cabinets, molding, and doors. It does not, however, typically include things like flooring, siding, or ceilings. 

Most construction projects utilize millwork in their design because of its availability and affordability. Very few construction projects are implemented without the use of millwork.

Millwork and Flexibility

Millwork allows for almost endless flexibility when it comes to cost, detailing, and unique design. It also allows for incredible selection, as there are hundreds of mills that produce millwork. 

Any project can be transformed into an opulent design highlighting incredible architectural detail with the correct choice in millwork.  Selections such as level of detailing, wood type, wood quality, and wood finish allow a project to vary from basic and cost-efficient to intricate and expensive.