Mistakes to Avoid when Growing a Maple Tree

A maple tree is one of North America's truly beautiful trees. While it stands tall in the summer with its broad leaves providing a wonderful shady area, its true beauty comes through in the fall of the year. Exploding with vibrant colors, the maple tree adds tremendous beauty when the rest of your garden has already lost its color.

Planting a maple tree can be very easy when you follow the right procedure. They are easy to germinate, but you should always be careful when planting any tree. Here is a short list of a few of the mistakes to avoid when growing a maple tree.

Plant Tree in Fall

The biggest mistake that people make when planting their maple tree, or transplanting it, is to do it in the spring or the summer. The maple tree needs to have some time for its roots to establish. The cool weather gives the tree a chance to stabilize without having to worry about growing leaves, fruits, and flowers.

Avoid Growing Tree in Wet Area

Maple trees do not like to be set in a place where the soil will remain soggy. If the ground it too wet, they will not grow or establish a sound root system. It will begin to mildew and the roots will rot. One of the best ways to find the best location is to dig a test hole and pour water into it. After about an hour if you see that there is still water in the hole, you have very heavy soil that is not draining well.

Use Native Soil To Grow Tree

A major misconception is that trees need to have potting soil, or some other rich type of soil, brought in to fill the hole they are planted in. However, this could mean problems for the tree. Always use the native soil in the area when filling in the hole. You should mix in some compost, or other type of soil, but always use soil native to the area to back fill. If not, the roots will not reach into the ground to establish a good stable root system.

Avoid Using Fertilizer the First Year

Once you have planted the maple tree you should not fertilize the tree until the next spring. Once the spring comes you can use a 10-10-10 fertilizer each year afterwards. Composting product is okay to use as it is natural.

Prune Each Year

Letting a maple tree grow wild will lead to it being overcrowded and even susceptible to an insect infestation. You should prune your maple tree each spring, or in the fall, to remove the old growth, dead limbs, or weak branches. This will help the tree maintain a healthy look and be able to continue producing sap, and bright colors.

Avoid Growing Near Buildings or Driveways

When planting your tree keep in mind the size of the tree when it is mature. Maple trees can be quite large and have long limbs. There is also the problem of the sap. While it is used to create syrup, it can also cause problems when dripping on homes or cars.