Mistakes to Avoid when Leveling Your Yard

lawn with trees
  • 8-50 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 200-1,500

When it comes to leveling your yard, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind to avoid costly mistakes.

1. Slope Away from House

When you are leveling your yard, you want your yard to slope away from your home. This is so that if you experience excess water or flooding, the water does not drain towards your home.

It can also help to preserve any garden or plants you may have at the top of the lawn near the home. It acts as a protective measure to keep it away. When leveling, the slope should be a few inches about every 10 feet or so to ensure it actually does its job.

2. Clear the Area

lush green lawn

You will need to clear the entire area to actually level the lawn out. In order to do this you will have to weed and get rid of any rocks or sticks that may be on the lawn. While this may be time consuming, doing it over a few days or gradually can help you get through it. You will also need to make sure any plants in the way have been removed or can be replanted elsewhere. Using herbicides may help you with the process of uprooting the lawn.

3. Lay Down Fertilizer

When you are finished removing and cleaning up, you will need to lay down natural, organic fertilizer. While you are spreading the fertilizer, make sure you are doing it with thin and even layers throughout the entire area. If you end up concentrating it in one specific place in your yard, you will wind up with an uneven area and a slope where you do not want one. Take your time with this step so you can get it done right the first time.

4. Install Lawn Carpet

landscaped yard with lawn and flower beds

The lawn carpet is one of the easiest ways to lay down your new lawn and level it. When you install it, do it in even patches that line up with one another. Otherwise, as it continues to grow it will slope. You will need to take your time on this step as well and begin in the middle of your lawn and work your way out to each side.

The leveling process for your lawn isn't difficult but it can be very time consuming. Make sure you are giving each step the appropriate amount of time and attention so you end up with the final product you are looking for. Once you have gotten everything installed and level, you will need to make sure you are consistently mowing the lawn and taking the time to maintain it. It is much easier to maintain a little at a time than let it go and then try to catch up.