Mistakes To Avoid While Using A Pop Riveter

pop riveter and rivets
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  • Beginner
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A pop riveter is a tool that creates a permanent bond between different pieces of metal. The metal fastener looks like a combination of a screw and a nail. The riveter is designed to ’pop’ the rivet into place to give you that permanent fixture. While a pop rivet gun is not a difficult tool to use, there are several common mistakes you will want to avoid.

1. Wrong Hole Size

The hole you bore to place the rivet in must be the exact size as the rivet. A hole that is slightly too large will cause the rivet to be ineffective, and a hole that is too small can actually cause damage to the material you are using, as well as the rivet.

2. Proper Size Rivet

pop rivet tool

Many people misjudge the size of the rivet that needs to be used. The size of the rivet you use depends on the weight it needs to handle. If you're not sure what size rivet you need, get advice at your local hardware store.

3. Pressure Setting

If you use too much pressure on the pop riveter, you can break the rivet. You want to make sure the calibration on the gun is accurate before you start working on any project with a pop riveter.

Using a pop rivet gun is a great way to add security to a construction project. By understanding how the gun works you can avoid these common mistakes.