Mitsubishi Repair Manual: Transmission/Clutch Repair

Repairing your Transmission or Clutch will be easier with a Mitsubishi repair manual. You can get a repair manual from the parts store, Haynes or Chiltons. You need to have the make, model and year of your car when you go to buy a copy. There is a dedicated section in the manual to cover the repair or troubleshooting of your transmission and clutch.

Troubleshooting Your Transmission and Clutch

Turn to the section on the clutch in your manual. There will be steps in there to check the clutch to see if it needs to be replaced or adjusted. Such as how far off the floor the clutch has to be for it to engage. Are your gears grinding when you are shifting even when the clutch is to the floor? That could also be your transmission. If there are teeth worn down or broken, it will cause grinding on certain gears.

Using the Manual for Repairs

Using your manuals pictures and detailed directions you can remove your old clutch and replace it with a new or rebuilt one. There will also be instructions to adjust the clutch. When it comes to the transmission, there is a different section that will show you as well as tell you how to pull it and rebuild it or replace it. All the tools you will need as well as all the parts you need will be listed in the manual.