Modern Bathroom Fixture Options

modern bathroom

If you are ready to renovate your bathroom, the next thing on your list will be modern bathroom fixtures. Nowadays, you are spoiled for bathroom fixture choices. They come in any size or shape you can imagine. Your selection of the fixtures depends entirely on your budget.

Bathroom Vanities

Vanities can uplift the look of your modern bathroom. When it comes to color, white is the most popular choice. Nothing can beat the look of a pure white vanity with clean, sharp lines.

Veneers are also becoming popular among renovators. Veneers come in different colors, ranging from dark black to brown. Another trend in bathroom vanities is the use of wall hung units. A stone bench top will look stylish in any bathroom. Also, modern cabinet doors are soft closing and have no handles.

Bathroom Sinks

When it comes to modern bathroom sinks, you have many options. You can choose either a partially submerged sink, or a vessel sink that sits on top of the vanity. Vessel sinks usually come with a higher price tag compared to submerged sinks; however, both create a sleek and contemporary look. You can also opt for a pedestal or free standing sink.

Bathroom Faucets

Bathroom faucets come in a variety of styles to suit every budget. A new modern faucet can instantly add to the visual appeal of your bathroom. If your budget is small, you can go for a simple swan neck mixer faucet.

The sleek, slimline mixer faucets are a little bit more expensive. The dearest ones are those with sensor systems, which turn on and off automatically. They work by sensing the movement under the tap. The right kind of faucet can add value to any modern bathroom.

Shower faucets also come in numerous styles. Choose a shower mixer faucet for a modern look. You can also choose from the different types of shower heads. The latest addition is water smart technology incorporated in the shower heads.

They allow minimal usage of water, saving you heaps of money. You can even adjust the intensity of water flowing from the shower, which gives you more control on your water use. You can choose the right kind of shower head depending on your budget.

Bathroom Showers

Modern bathroom showers are available in sleek, innovative designs. Glass shower doors come in a variety of styles. You can choose either a framed or frameless model.

When it comes to framed shower doors, you have 2 options,. They are a full frame or semi frame. Stainless steel and glass is the most popular choice for framed shower screens.

Frameless shower doors are a little bit more expensive. They blend with the other accessories in the bathroom.

Spas are gaining popularity in the bath. Spas in modern bathrooms can make it a relaxing spot for the entire family.


Slimline tanks are sleek in design and will give the bathroom a modern look. There are also toilets that have tanks hidden in the wall. Toilets have transformed into a real design element in modern bathrooms.

Other Fixtures

Heated towel rails are a luxurious addition to modern bathrooms. You can also choose from contemporary looking toilet roll holders and soap holders.