Modern Fireplace Architecture Trends

Modern fireplace architecture trends put fireplaces where they’ve never gone before. Hearths and mantles are designed to look as beautiful without the fire.

Circular Fireplaces

Since the first hearths, fireplaces have been a room’s focal point. Circular fireplaces take this one step further, placing the modern fireplace in the middle of the room for 360-degree viewing. Decorative enameled hoods and sleek designs complement contemporary décor.

Artistic Wall-Mounted Fireplaces

Even with the circular fireplace trend, wall fireplaces aren’t going anywhere, except maybe up. Modern fireplaces set in the middle of the wall bring the hearth off the floor to become an artistic element. These wall inserts cast off the rectangular fireplace opening in favor of curved designer mantles that are works of art in themselves.

Gas Fireplaces Go Where Wood Can’t

Modern fireplace architecture trends are not limited to wood-burning hearths. Designers are working natural gas and ethanol fireplaces into locations no wood fireplace could fit, like under a window, in a coffee table, on a countertop or above a spa tub in a master bath.
Modern Gas Fireplaces Come Into Their Own

Gas fireplaces have long had a reputation for looking fake compared to wood fires. Designers are responding by moving away from trying to simulate a wood fire. Instead, they showcase the unique properties of the gas flame with colored glass instead of logs and long, slender ribbon fireplaces set high in walls.