Modular, Prefab Tiny Homes

tiny house interior
  • 1-40 hours
  • Advanced
  • 50,000-250,000

So you’re thinking about joining the tiny house movement, but don’t have the DIY skills, time, or interest? You can still fulfill your tiny living goals with a modular prefab unit. Just make a plan, order your house, and wait for delivery.

There are myriad tiny home manufacturers around the globe. Just about any location has a builder within a reasonable distance. Many tiny home manufacturers offer basic models you can buy as-is. Most also offer some level of customization so you can make changes that fit your needs.

These tiny homes are prefabricated and built before being delivered to the location. That means you’ll be working with the builders to make some decisions early on. Once the build is complete, most manufacturers offer delivery as part of your package.

The Design Plan

tiny home floor plan

When choosing a company, read the profile to find out what they’ve built in the past and where its specialties lie. For example, if you live in a hurricane zone or area that receives a lot of snow, you’ll want to ensure your tiny home is protected from those elements.

Also, consider the size of your tiny home. They vary wildly. A deciding factor on size may relate to whether the tiny home is portable or not.

Whether to build the home on a trailer will be one of the first decisions you make. If you plan to relocate the home, this is likely the route you’ll take and it adds restrictions to the size and weight of the home.

Next, consider the preferred layout for the home. Do you want a loft bedroom, two loft bedrooms, or a main-level bedroom with a door? Do you want full-size appliances? What about the number and size of windows or cabinets?

You’ll need to measure your commitment to a sustainable build. Some manufacturers specialize in building homes from recycled materials and equipping them with off-grid systems such as solar power and composting toilets. If that’s important to you, use it to find a like-minded builder.

Finally, be sure to check regulations in your area. Some states provide copious options while other states make it difficult to place a tiny home due to tight restrictions.


Okay, so Amazon doesn’t build tiny homes. However, there is nearly always a list of options on the site. If nothing else, it’s fun to explore the possibilities.

Tiny Heirloom

tiny home with furniture outside

A family-run business in Portland, Oregon Tiny Heirloom has made a name for itself in luxury custom builds.

The company’s work has been featured in magazines and TV shows on DIY and HGTV.

Tiny Mountain Homes

Based out of Salem, Oregon, this company offers 12 designs to match a range of needs. All homes are on wheels for portability.

Tiny SMART House

Also in Oregon, this Albany-based company focuses on Sustainable construction, Modern efficiency, Affordable luxury, Residential or RV certified, and Towable anywhere (SMART) design.

Liberation Tiny Homes

interior of tiny house with stairs

The tradesmen building these tiny homes on wheels are experienced builders located in Pennsylvania. Homes can be purchased as a shell or a finished product.

Driftwood Homes USA

Featured as Tiny Home Magazine’s Builder of the Month seen on HGTV, this South Carolina builder creates luxury homes that can remain in place or be built for transport.


Hit up Wheelhaus for any one of its tiny homes in a range of sizes and layouts. Located in Wyoming, the company offers a completed build in a few months.


kithaus tiny house with large windows

Start with the basics and select from a list of menu options to create the layout that works best for you. Starting at a base price of around $60,000, you can add on a host of desired features.

Modern Tiny Living

Based in Ohio, the clean, yet customizable designs provide your preferred rustic or contemporary appeal.

Mi Pad From Wheel Pad

If you think handicapped-accessibility is out of reach in a tiny home, you haven’t heard of Mi Pad From Wheel Pad. It can be added to an existing structure or stand alone as a tiny home.

Either way, it features ADA features throughout.


If going green while going into the wild is important to you, Tumbleweed’s got you covered with green certification options.

This is just a short list of the growing tiny home manufacturers in the United States and beyond. Don’t let geographic location limit your choices—most builders will deliver. Do, however, find out how much that delivery will cost.

Happy home hunting!