Modular Stairs for the Contemporary Home

Modular stairs are contemporary stair cases of light construction that are usually installed in contemporary homes. They are popular with homeowners who like to do projects by themselves because they can easily be done. A modular stair is also a good option for homeowners who only have limited space in their homes, but who have a second or third level that needs to be accessed on a regular basis. Some of the places that are ideal for modular stairs are lofts and attics. With a modular construction, it is easier to put up a stair in tight and narrow passageways that would not be appropriate for ladders or typical stairs.

Easy Installation Procedure

Modular stairs are usually resorted to by people in their homes because they can be built easily. They have style flexibility and can be customized in a wide variety of ways. Though it is usually thought about as a straight stairs, you can easily insert one or two quarter turns in the construction thereby allowing you to transform and rotate your staircase. Although the modular construction has a lot to offer when it comes to space saving, it does not mean it is uncomfortable to climb it. In fact the stairs are usually made in a design that will minimize the amount of stress that the body is subjected to. You can shape each individual stairs differently, allowing you to work out different muscles in your body while climbing the stairs. You will also have the option of resting if you need to have a pause while climbing it.

Various Handrail Options

Handrails construction for a modular stairs is not restricted to the metal or steel material that is commonly seen in many stairs design. Those that are interested in installing modular stairs in their homes have the option of choosing wooden handrails or even plastic ones, so you have more options when it comes to designing your home interior. It is also possible to adjust the handrails by means of a special fitting that can be found in modular stairs.

Additional Aesthetic Value for the Home

Installing modular stairs in your home will enhance and accentuate the interior of any home. Visually, the stairs can be modified in a way that will allow it to fit in with the overall ambiance of your space or decoration theme. Various aspects of the design can be changed to fit with the rest of your interior decoration such as the depth, rise, rotation and height of the stairs. The design also does not prevent light from entering an area thereby giving it an open feel.

Practicality at its Best

Modular stairs are one of the most practical enhancements that can be done in contemporary homes. They can be installed to reduce the threats and appearance of sharp edges in a home interior. The stair configurations can also be utilized for homes where the occupants include elderly people, children or the disabled.

If you are going to install a modular stairs in your home, a do it yourself kit is typically included among the materials needed for its construction. You do the construction with the use of a few simple tools, which is usually included in a home tool kit. The installation instruction is usually on paper but there are kits that include video instructions as well.