Mortise Lock Replacement

What You'll Need
A new mortise lock set

A mortise lock replacement is fairly easy to complete and requires very little skill. However, it takes a lot of patience. A mortise lock is the lock mechanism that is installed in between the door knobs inside the door itself. Once in a while, the lock will spoil or wear out. Replacing a mortise lock only requires a good handling of a hammer and a screwdriver.

Step 1 -  Removing the Knobs and Screws

First, you will need to disengage both sides of the knobs on the door with a screwdriver. If the knobs are not moving, use a hammer and knock around the base of the knobs. The pressure from the knocks should loosen the grips of both knobs. Using a screwdriver, first loosen on the silver plate where the lock spring is located. Remove the silver plate.

Step 2 - Removing the Broken Lock

Using a screwdriver, push the spring clip and use a piece of folded card to hold onto the lock so it will not spring back out. Once this is done, slowly and carefully pick the mortise lock out of the door. This procedure may take a lot of time and patience. If the lock does not come off immediately, use the back of the screwdriver and hit the center of the lock.

Step 3 – Cleaning the Empty Lock Hole

Once the lock has been removed, the empty space needs to be dusted off. Using a clean damp cloth, carefully wipe off the small pieces of wood or debris left inside the hole. Removing the pieces of wood left inside the hole would ensure a tighter and better fit for the new mortise lock to be installed.  

Step 4 – Placing the Lock into the Hole

Make sure the replacement locks are of the same model or have the same dimension and size. Most of these locks have a piece of cello tape around the spring clip. Once the lock has been nicely fitted into the hole, place a screwdriver through the spring clip’s hole to hold onto the spring that is still taped. With this method, you are assured that the spring clip will come out from the hole properly once the tape is removed from the lock. Now, slowly pull out the tape and use the screwdriver to control the spring so it will not simply shoot out of place.

Step 5 – Setting Back the Silver Plate and the Knobs

Once the lock has been set up perfectly, position the silver plate over the spring clip and screw them into place. Then it is time to place the knobs back onto both sides of the lock. You have just installed a new mortise lock.