Mosaic: A Colorful, Artistic Home Decor

Mosaic is one of the oldest and yet most popular decorative methods where small pieces of materials such as shell, tile, glass and rocks are fitted in a design to create a pattern. It is one of the most versatile artistic decor methods that can be used in your home because it can be employed to decorate furniture such as chests, drawers and tables, and it can be used to create tiled floors and even walls.

Mosaic Supplies

Although it is a time consuming process, mosaic needs only a few tools and supplies to be created. In fact, the only tools you will need are the tesserae (small pieces of glass, tiles, rocks or shells with which to do the mosaic), a strong adhesive and a surface to cover. Moreover, many tile factories and pottery studios can be a great source for such materials; however, you can always purchase mosaic tiles which are designed specifically for this activity. Always remember to use grout and sealer to finish up the work and make it more resistant to continuous use.

Advantages to Using Mosaic

This craft has many advantages to it. First of all it can become a fun project which might even involve the whole family because thanks to the initial design, filling in the mosaic should be fun and easy. Another advantage is the uniqueness of the design created: when you are creating a mosaic you can mix and match different tesserae materials, you can use any color combination you like and you can use any design you want, even a design which you have created. Furthermore, since you would have done the mosaic yourself, every piece would be distinctive and have a story attached to it which in the end will result in a more homely touch to each room. Another added value to using mosaic is the fact that the tesserae, especially the glass and marble ones are very durable, they do not attract dust and do not stain easily; therefore they easy to clean and maintain.

Mosaic Projects

Some easy mosaic projects that one can try out are creating a mosaic tabletop which would look splendidly in your garden, you can create beautiful tile mosaics which can be used as coasters, you can decorate mirror and frame borders, and you can also create or buy mosaic tiles which can be used for flooring or as wall covering. Moreover, you can use mosaic to decorate the tops of your kitchen counters and add a backsplash area with the mosaic which will surely add a very beautiful touch of color to your kitchen. Although all of these projects are time consuming, the end result will certainly impress everyone. Remember to always create a draft or design to follow before embarking on any such projects.

Mosaic is one of the most beautiful methods of adding a colorful splash of uniqueness in your home. Remember that it is a very cost effective decorative method because although the tesserae may be a bit expensive, they last for years on end. Moreover, creating a mosaic piece for your home can be a very good chance to bond with family members and cultivate each other's talents.