Mosquito Control for Your House

Mosquito control is not only necessary for your comfort, but also for your health. Mosquitoes may be carriers of several bacteria and viruses that may infect you or your pets and you need to keep these insects at bay. Before the mosquito season, prepare your home and make sure it is unappealing for these critters.

You Will Need:

  •  Size 16 mesh screens for doors and windows
  • Citronella oil, candles or non incandescent light
  • Mosquito repellents for skin and/or clothes
  • Mosquito traps

Step 1 -- Install Mosquito Screens

Apply mosquito screens on all your windows, entrance doors and vents. The screens will protect your home, as the mosquitoes will enter your house through windows or doors. Use size 16 mesh screens; these are small enough not to allow small insects such as mosquitoes to enter your home. Make sure the screen is always closed, even if the door is open. Mosquitoes are attracted by:

  • Heat
  • Shade
  • Water
  • Light

All of these may be found in your home. Check your attic and basement for any openings that may facilitate the entrance of the mosquitoes. Make any needed repairs to seal your home or simply apply some screens on the holes you find.

Step 2 -- Use Citronella Oil

Citronella oil is an effective all natural mosquito repellent and has proven to be more effective than other ultrasonic devices. You can buy ready made oil or citronella oil candles. You can use the oil for aromatherapy sessions or burn candles, which won’t spread an unpleasant smell for humans but will drive mosquitoes away. You may also have the option of placing some non incandescent citronella oil lights on your porch or near your windows, so that the insects will not even come near your house.

 Step 3 -- Apply Mosquito Repellents on Your Skin

You can purchase some over the counter mosquito repellents, which are available in the form or spray or ointments. Make sure you read the labels and apply correctly, as some products should only be applied on your clothes and may irritate the skin. Discontinue using products that cause adverse reactions and consult your dermatologist.

Step 4 -- Use Mosquito Traps

You can purchase several mosquito traps in specialized shops. Make sure you buy products that are suitable for indoor use. Replace these traps as often as indicated on the labels. Opt for products that are safe for children and pets.

Step 5 -- Remove Water Sources

Mosquitoes require blood and water to thrive. Eliminating standing water in your home can make it less hospitable for mosquitoes. You should make sure that there are no sources of water for the mosquitoes. For instance, if you are used to keeping the dog’s water bowl full, empty it during mosquito season and administer your dog water along with his meals. If you have plants with trays and standing water, take your plants outside during mosquito season. Inspect your home for any areas where water may gather and make the required changes.