Mother's Day "Honey Do" List

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What You'll Need
Flathead screwdriver Hammer Lithium grease Vinyl Spackling Sandpaper Primer Paint Flowers Soil Trowel Watering can Energy-saving light bulbs Solar powered lights Squeaky floorboard kit

Mother's Day is coming up fast, and like most years, you're probably worried about what to get her (or maybe you haven't given it a thought yet). This year, try giving her your time instead of buying her the predictable flowers and chocolate. Set aside a day, or even just a few hours, to take care of things for her around the house and yard that she may not be able to accomplish herself. Not only will you be taking stress off her shoulders, but she'll love getting to spend time with you as you accomplish each task. (And if you're already an avid DIYer, chances are you already have the tools and won't need to buy anything!)

Hinges in the House

If the doors or gates are creaking as if your mom lives in a haunted house, grease them up a bit so they open smoothly and noiselessly.

Things you need:

Flathead screwdriver


Lithium grease

Tap the hinge pin out of the hinge (this is the part that keeps both halves of the hinge together, and looks like a large nail). To get it out, place your screwdriver under the head of the pin and use your hammer to tap the bottom of your screwdriver, forcing the pin from its resting place.

Coat the hinge pin in the lithium grease and place it back into the hinge.

Touch-up Painting

It makes a world of difference to touch-up peeling, patchy, or faded paint around the house, whether it's on a wall, exterior trim, or cabinets.

Things you'll need:

Warm soapy water

Vinyl Spackling



Paint in a matching color

Clean the area free of dirt and debris with the warm soapy water and patch up any holes or dents in the surface with the vinyl spackling. Paint on a coat of primer and let it dry, covering the surface with the matching color after the primer is dry to the touch.

Freshen Those Flowers

Instead of buying a bouquet of flowers (that will die in a week), how about buying some flowers and plants from the nursery that will thrive for a season --or longer-- in mom's yard? A little bit of color and fresh greenery in the yard will make her smile every time she steps outside.

Things you'll need:

Flowers of choice



Watering can/hose

Plant flowers according to what their species requires. You can add to her flower beds, or pot some for her to display on the front porch or back patio. If she doesn't want any more plants than what she may already have, take the time to care for the ones she does have by watering, fertilizing and spraying pesticides. (And why don't you mow her lawn while you're at it?).

Let the Light Shine

Take a trip around the house and replace all of mom's light bulbs, whether in fixtures or in lamps, with an energy-saving variety. They will cost more upfront, but in the long run they will save mom money with lower energy bills and more time (even years!) between replacements.

Things you'll need:

Energy-saving light bulbs

Go Solar

Adding some solar powered lights in the front yard will dress up the space and also guide your mom safely to and from her front door in the evening, with the added bonus of not costing more than the price of the light.

Things you'll need:

Solar powered lights of your (or Mom's) choice

Line her driveway, sidewalk or front porch with solar powered lights and lamps. Follow the installation directions on the light's packaging.

Organize the Garage

This has the possibility of turning into a multi-day project, depending on the status of the garage when you find it. Sometimes simple organization like finding tools and putting them away or taking inventory of what is needed can take just a few hours. If your mother's garage has become a wasteland of unwanted or unused products and projects, plan your time accordingly.

Things you'll need:

Organization tools: baskets, buckets, or even boxes that can be labeled

Creaky Freaky Floorboards

Because there are so many types of houses and floors, you can purchase a kit for your specific need. You'll find kits for carpeted and hardwood floors, kits to fix floors from the basement and kits to fix floors from above. Depending on the kit, the cost ranges from $8 to $30 and includes everything you'll need.

Things you'll need:

Squeaky floorboard kit

Put Her Gadgets Together

She's bound to have things that need to be put together. If she has flashlights still in the package, take them out, install batteries, and place them in an easy-to find-area. Did she buy a new iPhone charger or music player that's still in the box? Drag it out, set it up and show her how to use it.

Things you'll need:

All of her gadgets that need putting together