Motorcycle Disk Lock: Are There Better Alternatives?

A motorcycle disk lock is an absolute must have if you do not want to lose your motorcycle. If you have a motorcycle you need to ensure security, reducing the chances of theft.

Disc Locks

Disc locks are one of the best and most effective solutions available in the market today because they mount on the disc brakes and immobilize the vehicle at the wheels. They are not the only solution though. There are alternatives to disk locks which can also prove efficient. 

Motorcycle Locks

The motorcycle locks available on the market can be installed on the forks, the ignition, or even the rotors. There are also the alarm locks that have an integrated alarm system that goes off if the motorcycle is attacked. Some of these options can also work in combination. 

Cable Locks

The cable locks are also a good option; they are made of stainless steel with a nylon sleeve that prevents scratching. They are also a rather affordable solution – you can find a good one at approximately $80-$100. Cable locks and U bolt locks are a good combination because they demand additional strength and force to break them. The throttle locks are also a great alternative because they make it impossible for thieves to do anything unless the key unlocks the locking system. 

Locking Down Stand

The locking down stand is also a good alternative to the disc locks, because they prevent the motorcycle from being rolled or moved away from the parking spot. The locking system applies to the lock stand and is very effective. Same with the lever locks which are used on the clutch, making quite a nuisance for anyone to steal the motorcycle. Most thieves are in a hurry trying to avoid possible witnesses: the level locks slow the thief down because the bolt would have to unlocked and removed. 

Combination Locks

A good motorcycle lock is made of two parts; the body of the lock fastens the motorcycle to the lock and also to another part of the motorcycle to prevent movement. Combinations of locks seem to be the safest solution for two reasons; they are not easy to break and they are quite hard to get around because they are more complicated. Using disc locks and motorcycle anchors together offers the highest possible level of safety and security because a potential thief needs to dismantle the lock and break the anchor hold as well.

Combination locks can prevent amateurs or anyone who looks for an easy theft, and act as a visual deterrent. You should keep in mind though that all motorcycle locks have their strengths and their weaknesses, therefore you can only do your best. There are many anti-theft schemes available, but if you have to leave your motorcycle outside, you should definitely consider buying the best possible locks available and keep in mind that the complicated schemes will discourage the thief, so it’s worth using them.