Motorcycle Safety: Cruiser vs Sportbike

Motorcycles come in a variety of shapes, sizes and types. They also vary in price. You can purchase a small scooter or a fast sports bike. Each type of motorcycle has advantages and disadvantages and appeals to different people. If you are looking specifically to purchase a motorcycle that has specific safety features, consider the following analysis.

Motorcycle Cruiser

A cruiser is an all-around bigger bike. A motorcycle cruiser mimics the type of motorcycle found on the road between the 1930s and the 1960s. It is meant for highway driving. You may bring more than one person with you on your cruiser. It has locations and compartments to carry a backpack or bag. It is heavy and big. A cruiser tends to lend more protection to the average motorcyclist. A cruiser is an overall much safer motorcycle.

Turning, Driving and Stopping Your Cruiser

You will spend more time trying to turn a cruiser. You have more opportunity to control this type of motorcycle because it is larger. It is heavier and it runs better during rainy and slick conditions.

The fender design of most cruisers act as an additional protective barrier from accidents. The fenders will hit the ground before the operator of the motorcycle, thereby providing an extra layer and shield of support and help for that individual who is about to meet the ground.

Cruiser Engine and Braking System

A cruiser has a heavier engine and may be equipped with an anti-locking brake system, thereby mimicking and simulating an experience of driving a car.

Motorycycle Sports Bike

A sports bike is small, compact and usually light in design. It can get up to high speeds fairly quickly and is usually used for short distance riding. It is like a sports car but as a motorcycle. A sports bike makes up for less than ten percent of all motorcycles on the road today.

Death Rates of A Sports Bike

Sports bikes have the highest death rates as compared to all other types of motorcycles on the market today.

Type of Accidents

Drivers of a sports bike usually drive for speed. When a sports bike falls to the ground, the operator also falls at the same rate and speed. There are no fenders or handle bars that will brace the fall of the rider. The rider hits the ground with the same impact as the sports bike itself.

An accident on a sports bike is usually a crash rather than a collision or an accident. The crash is usually associated with high velocity.

Handling Features

The sportsbike does not handle well in the rain or wet slick conditions. It is better to leave this motorcycle at home during these types of weather conditions.

These types of motorcycles are not to take out and enjoy the countryside. They are not meant to be ridden on rough, rocky or sandy types of terrain. They are meant for high speed, high acceleration driving.