Motorcycle Windshield Height Guidelines

If you are thinking of having a motorcycle windshield installed on your bike, you will need to consider how high the windshield will rise above the handle bars. Generally speaking, there are no laws, regulations, rules or common guidelines for the height of motorcycle windshields. So, if you have been looking for information on motorcycle windshields, you may still be confused as to how high yours should be. Well, hopefully the information in this article will be able to help.

While there is nothing set in stone about the height of a motorcycle windshield, this article will provide you with some common sense advice on the issue. Here, you will learn about how you should choose the motorcycle windshield that is best for you and the benefits of the various types of installations.

A Windshield on a Bike Is Personal

As mentioned above, there are no set rules or guidelines for windshield heights, and there's not even a consensus as to whether you need a windshield or not. However, if you do choose to install a windshield on your motorcycle, there are a few things you might want to consider. First, know that any windshield height that you choose is okay as long as it is acceptable to use and makes riding your bike easier or more convenient.

Some people choose very short windshields in order tocreate a wind-scoop that actually blows cool air into their face. Still, others use windshields only to protect themselves from bugs, stray rocks and other highway projectiles that can fly into the face of a rider when on the highway. Generally speaking, however, if you want to install a windshield, it is a good idea to keep the height of the windshield just below eye level. This will allow you to duck slightly when driving on highways and also allow you to see over the top of the windshield when it is not needed as much.

Bigger Is Not Always Better

Some riders with Gold Wings, Harleys or other big bikes tend to think bigger windshields are always better. However, this is certainly not the case. If you ride a motorcycle long enough, you'll realize that sometimes a large windshield will become a rain or bug covered obstruction to your vision. If you get caught in a rainstorm while on your bike, a large windshield can actually hinder you from getting where you need to go. So, regardless of the height of your windshield, always make sure that you can see over the top of it without too much effort.

Cowboys Didn't Use Windshields

Motorcycles are often referred to as the steel horses of our time. With this in mind, you may want to consider that cowboys of past and present have never use windshields while on their horses. Sometimes, motorcycles with windshields simply are not as cool. Also, remember that it is much easier to wipe dust, bugs and water away from a pair of goggles or a helmet visor shield than it is to clean off your windshield.

A windshield is not a bad idea; in fact, it can be an excellent idea if you drive frequently on highways and back roads. However, before buying a windshield, you should carefully consider what type of protection you want to achieve with the windshield or what type of aerodynamic effect you want as a result of its installation.