Motorcycle Windshield Replacement: How to Install a Reverse Flip Windshield

  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 75-500
What You'll Need
Reverse Flip Windshield
Ratchet Wrench
What You'll Need
Reverse Flip Windshield
Ratchet Wrench

This article on motorcycle windshield replacement will discuss how to install a reverse flip windshield. In order to install a reverse flip windshield for your motorcycle you would follow the directions for installing a normal windshield on your motorcycle. The reverse flip refers to the design of the windshield, which helps reduce wind and noise when riding. It is made from the same Plexiglas or polycarbonate material that a regular motorcycle windshield is made from. The design and engineering is what makes the reverse flip windshield different from other type of windshields.

The installation of the reverse flip involves acquiring either a custom built or original equipment manufacturer's (OEM) reverse flip windshield and attaching it to the front of the motorcycle. This how-to article will discuss the few steps involved in the installation of the windshield.

Step 1: Purchase a Reverse Flip Windshield

You will need to go online or to the manufacturer of the motorcycle in order to locate an OEM reverse flip windshield for installation. The windshield should match the fastener holes in the front of your machine. Your owner's manual should be able to provide you with the OEM information for the windshield that you need.

If you have problems locating the OEM or finding the replacement windshield for your motorcycle, contact the manufacturer for information on the correct part for your bike. The manufacturer should be able to match the correct reverse windshield to your motorcycle.

Step 2: Remove the Existing Windshield from Your Motorcycle

Use a ratchet to remove the existing windshield from the motorcycle. Loosen the fasteners that are holding the windshield in place and set them to the side, as you will need them again to fasten the replacement reverse flip windshield to the motorcycle. Place the windshield away from the motorcycle so that you can install the new windshield. You can save the windshield for future installation on another bike, sell it or have the windshield recycled.

Step 3: Attach the Reverse Flip Windshield to the Motorcycle

Take the windshield that you acquired and place it above the headlight for your motorcycle. Make sure that you line the holes up in order to properly fasten the motorcycle windshield to the motorcycle. Place the fasteners into the holes and, using the ratchet, tighten the bolts to secure the reverse flip windshield to the motorcycle.

Step 3: Test the Installation

Test the installation of the reverse flip windshield by pulling on it to see if it is loose or makes noise to suggest that it has not been properly attached. Once you complete testing your installation you should be ready to take your motorcycle for a ride and enjoy the open road.