Choosing the Right Grass for the Lawn

To those unfamiliar with the concept of landscaping and creating a beautiful outdoor environment, all grass looks the same. To those who know better, however, the right grass is an essential part of planning a beautiful lawn and exterior landscape. It is important to know which types of grasses to use to create just the right look and feel.

The color of the grass is an important consideration when it comes to creating the perfect landscape. Many homeowners crave the lush, dark green grass often found in the pages of home design magazines, but it is important to keep in mind that the look of a dark green lawn can be marred by the appearance of brighter shades of green interspersing.

If you crave that dark green lawn, but currently have a lighter shade of green, be sure to choose a well mixed home turf mix, and exercise some patience. The newly planted grass should soon take over and provide the look you are seeking.

Of course the variety of grass is an important consideration as well, but this is one decision that may be largely dictated by where you live. Consider the environment in which the lawn will be planted, including things like moisture, annual rainfall, average summer and winter temperature, and the like. It is important to choose a variety of grass that is suited to your environment. Fortunately, there are drought resistant grasses, moisture loving grasses and many varieties in between, making it easier than ever before to choose the perfect grass for a beautiful lawn.

The nature of the yard itself is an important consideration, especially if large parts of the landscape are in shadow much of the day. There are specific types of grasses designed to grow well in shadow, while others are able to withstand almost constant sunlight. Look at your current lawn and plant accordingly.

Of course planting the new lawn is only half the battle, and it is important to properly care for that newly planted grass. The lawn will be most at risk right after planting, so be sure to follow the maintenance schedule provided by the grass seed supplier when it comes to watering, fertilization and other care of the newly planted lawn. How you care for the lawn right after planting can have a profound impact on how well or how poorly the lawn grows.

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