Mud Swirl Ceiling: 3 Design Ideas

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What You'll Need
Stiff paintbrush
Paint roller
Drywall mud

A mud swirl ceiling is a unique and interesting way to decorate your interiors. Lending a distinctive appearance, it adds to the aesthetic of your home. There are a number of different design types for this pattern, each requiring different tools.

Option One - Spirals
Using a stiff brush or a small group of brushes tied at regular intervals to a dowel, manipulate the dry wall mud into small concentric circles or spirals. If you wish to maintain a steady degree of change in the spiral, carefully measure the distance between each turn of the spiral itself.

Option Two - Squares
Create squares or rectangular sections with a stiff brush. Inside of these sections, you can allow the drywall material to fall into place naturally. You can also manipulate it using a variety of other tools to create a series of different panels.

Option Three - Textured Surface
Use a textured item like a sponge to create a unique design and texture to the drywall mud for your mud swirl ceiling. You can separate the design into different sections or use the same tool throughout an entire room or ceiling area to create a singular effect. Experiment with different textured devices for a different type of appearance.