Mudroom Furniture: Adding Laundry Machines

You can add mudroom furniture to make this useful space even more functional. Laundry machines are ideal features for any mudroom, as this is the spot where household members drop dirty and wet clothing, shoes and outdoor gear. Read on to learn about the types of things you should consider when adding a washer and dryer to your mudroom and how to go about this project.

Make a Plan

Before you head out to the home improvement store or local appliance center, you should follow a few tips so you that you don’t have to go back time and time again. Keep in mind that a mudroom can be turned into a place where you not only wash and dry your clothes, but an area where you also iron them, too. As you prepare this project, decide how exactly you will use this room. Consider the space you need for other furniture and storage, like for seasonal items, cleaning supplies and even tools.

Before Adding Appliances

First, be sure to measure the area where you want the washer and dryer to be placed. You will need to measure the depth of the space as well as the width of the area so that the appliances you purchase will fit accordingly.

Gas vs. Electric

Next, decide if you want to purchase gas or electric appliances, and do your homework before buying. Gas appliances are said to save more on energy bills in the long run, while other homeowners prefer electric appliances because they say they clean better.

Colors and Style

Decide on the type of appliances that you want, whether energy-efficient appliances, high-end washers and dryers with steam cleaning and sanitizing options or anything else. Laundry machines also come in a variety of colors and finishes to fit your decor.

Add a Sink

If you have the space for a laundry room tub with running water, you might want to consider installing one. Call in a plumber or room addition specialist who can tell you if you have the capacity to install plumbing for a sink with running water. A sink can be used for a number of household chores and tasks besides laundry, including washing hands, feeding and washing pets and cleaning the room.

Hook Up Electric and Water

You will also need to check if you can add plumbing for running water not only for the sink but for the appliances, too. Also, check for electric outlets that may need to be installed that are appropriate for these types of heavy duty appliances. Most will need a 120 volt outlet.

Other Ideas

Besides the standard washer, dryer and mudroom sink, you might also want to consider adding a pull-out ironing board. An ironing board can come in handy when ironing needs to be done and you want to keep everything in one room. Many ironing boards can be installed inside cabinets and the like, and then be folded up after use to save on space.