Mulch and Soil Moisture Retention

Mulching the garden is a good procedure to follow each year, but is more pertinent when a drought occurs. Mulch soil supplies the garden plants with a perfectly conditioned soil that holds the moisture in the root zone.

Other Ways Mulch Improves Moisture Retention

There are several ways mulch retains the soil moisture.

  • It lessens the exposure to the wind.
  • It prevents weeds that would use the water.
  • It lessens evaporation from the sun in the summer.

How Mulch Helps

When an area of a yard has leaves covering it and it rains some of the water is caught under the leaves. It works the same way with mulch in that soil moisture is retained. Organic matter is basically a sponge that holds the soil moisture for the plants to use. When the soil isn’t mulched rain can compact it and reduce its ability to absorb moisture.