Mulching Rhubarb

Mulching rhubarb is done in a specific way for best results.  Mulching around the rhubarb plants can add to the amount of work you have to do in the garden, but it is also a task that helps your rhubarb plants in many ways.

Weed Suppression

One of the most important aspects of mulching rhubarb is to suppress weeds in your garden. Rhubarb plants are vulnerable to weed infestations which make them grow poorly when in competition with them. However, weed suppression isn't the only benefit from mulching rhubarb.

Soil Drainage

Different types of soils have the ability to drain in different ways.  When you mulch rhubarb, what you are essentially doing is assisting the soil drainage process.  The mulch will capture some of the water and feed it to the plant, allowing for saturation to occur at a higher level of watering.  Essentially, mulching allows you to water heavily one day and then leave the rhubarb alone for several days because of the water captured and stored in the soil and the mulch.